Monday, July 12, 2010

Forced Menus

The Broken Clock now has forced menus! That means you can link directly to a subpage anywhere on the site and the menu frames will automatically load! It takes a few settings to initiate but it definitely works :D (In IE you will need to approve ActiveX control if the little bar pops up. This is because the forced frameset uses a touch of javascript)

Same deal will be coming for The Radiant Glyph soon enough.

Several galleries have been updated with new additions and the Other/Special tab has undergone some drastic changes. The new pages still lack photos but will be full soon enough. I am also rethreading all the galleries with thumbnails as opposed to resized images to decrease loading time for the pages.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Radiant Glyph; The Broken Clock: Live!

Finally both The Radiant Glyph and the Broken Clock are finally live :D

There is still some housekeeping to do; the gallery on TRG needs to be updated and several pages on TBC need some dusting but aside from that it's all ready to go!

What are the two sites for?

The Radiant Glyph is a site specifically for my art and information about my writing. There's not much of the latter up at the moment; I take it very seriously and I'm still scratching my head about what I should put there. The art gallery showcases a lot of work -- not everything but still much.

The Broken Clock is specifically a collection site showcasing my toy collections which I am extremely proud of. There are several different sections and subsections as I collect many different things. This page is being constantly updated and over the next couple weeks will undergo some major shifts as I clean things up a bit.
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